A Vegan Keto Journey 5 (Kathy’s)

Keto Vegan Chocolate BirthdayCake

I’ve been struggling a bit this week, craving a sandwich and hunger pangs have been back.

I’m having to examine closely whether I’m actually hungry or if it’s the old habits (eating a certain way at a certain time) clinging on.

Of course, it IS the old habits! I’m getting more quality nutrients now, and paying closer attention to micro nutrients than I ever did before so I know I’m “nourished”.

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A Vegan Keto Journey 4 (Kathy’s)

coffee beans

Goodness, the time has flown by so quickly, I’m actually in my 5th week now!

All I can say is I wish I’d have heard of Keto years ago. This is something I can definitely keep up long term, I love the food, the experimentation, and the results.

coffee beansI have a subscription to an excellent coffee which is delivered every 4 weeks (I’m fussy about my coffee).

Opening the bag and WOW, after having no sense of smell for nigh on 20yrs I was in bliss. I was like a horse with a nosebag, face stuck in there while making breakfast!

So this was one of the unexpected side effects and one I want to keep.

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A Vegan Keto Journey 3 (Kathy’s)

Health food store

So here we are into week 3, how do I feel? Well, lighter that’s for sure!

I definitely have more energy and don’t feel hungry during the day after breakfast, sometimes I forget to eat.

Pea ProteinIt’s important to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need so have to make sure I at least have a green smoothie. I bought some Pea Protein which is low carb but ups all those amino acid building blocks (protein).

I’m working on creating more vegan keto recipes which I’ll gradually add to the recipe section. This takes a long time! Measuring the ingredients, writing everything down, taking pictures, then adding to the blog.

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A Vegan Keto Journey 2 (Kathy’s)

Hemp Tofu Press

Psyllium Husk is my new best friend! It’s a great filler upper and can be used in all sorts of bread and pancake recipes.

YES, you can have bread and pancake on a Vegan Keto Diet!

Ok, the texture isn’t the same as “normal bread and pancakes, but, hey, we’re moving out of our comfort zone here.

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